Unleash your full potential with a reliable partner by your side

At Cahou, we strive to assist individuals in reaching their fitness and health goals. We firmly believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can benefit a person not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Experience the power of AI technology to achieve your personal fitness goals

Cahou provides tailored training and nutrition plans designed to meet each member's unique objectives and requirements. With the assistance of our AI technology, we meticulously analyze data to create customized plans that are regularly modified and adjusted as needed. Additionally, we offer comprehensive video tutorials for all exercises to ensure our members follow proper techniques.

Strive for greatness and reap the benefits of our reward system

We value the importance of rewarding our members for their hard work and progress. Achieve this goal, we have established a reward system that is centered around challenges and milestones. Our members can easily track their progress on our platform and receive a well-deserved reward for every milestone they reach. We believe that by incentivizing fitness and health goals, we can motivate our members to achieve their desired results.

Together we are stronger, join our community and be part of a supportive network

At Cahou, we go beyond being a mere training and nutrition platform. We're a community that encourages and inspires one another. Our platform offers a space for members to share their experiences, tips, and guidance. You can make new friends and create groups to work towards achieving your goals together.

Gain access to exceptional fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle resources through our world-class partners

We are pleased to collaborate with top-rated fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle enterprises to offer our members a complete package. Our partnerships guarantee that our members have access to the finest resources to achieve their objectives. We take pride in working with these organisations to provide our members with the best products and services available.

Our goals for 2023










The CAHOU Community is a platform where people come together to achieve their health and fitness goals. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals, motivate each other, and participate in exciting challenges.

Join our community and experience the power of group training and mutual support!


Earn $1 for every 295 kcal burned (Data packages / evaluations are traded in 295 kcal increments). Possibility of various bonus increases:

  • Complete data provided: 5% bonus.
  • Manual goal trainings: 5% bonus.
  • Manual goal trainings: 5% bonus.

Badges will be rewarded in 10 levels, each worth $50 (planned for Q1 2024, first 100 badges).

Steps collected can be redeemed for shop vouchers.


For every active member, you will receive a credit of 295 kcal. (Active means burning 4000 kcal per month, compensation will be credited monthly!)

If you are an influencer, contact us at socialmedia@cahou.com


Andreas Chojnacki

Andreas Chojnacki


Visionary CEO and CFO with comprehensive leadership qualities and financial expertise, who has successfully guided the company and ensures its growth and expansion.

Nikolas Chojnacki

Nikolas Chojnacki


He has extensive business experience and places a strong emphasis on ethics and compliance. He strives for the company to not only be successful but also act responsibly.



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